The Waldorf Doll workshop

Create a natural handmade friend for imaginative play!
Waldorf dolls are inspired by the ancient tradition of cloth dolls, made by hands with natural materials all around the world. They are infused with love for our children, which makes them a wonderful addition to a home.


With this course, I am hoping to help bring back the tradition of making dolls at home, as the need for creativity and crafts is increasing in today's world.

The doll represents a human being. Waldorf inspired dolls have a simple facial expression so that children can project their own emotions while playing. They can express and process their joys and sorrows.

Playing with dolls allows children to develop social-emotional skills and helps them gain a greater understanding of themselves and the people in their life.

I created this workshop with beginners in mind, so you can get started, with or without a sewing machine, and I am here to guide you along the way!

Size : 24 cm (9.5 in).

Get ready to to experience the joy of the art of doll making!

The video tutorial includes the making of :

  • The head (inner head, sculpting the eye line, nose, covering with skin fabric)
  • The face (embroidering the eyes and mouth, adding blush and freckles).
  • The body
  • Assembling the head and body
  • The hair
  • + Bonus : Butterfly outfit (antennae, dress, wings, headband)

Make your own Waldorf Doll!


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