Create Magic through the art of doll making and natural crafts

Welcome to a sanctuary dedicated to empower creative souls with the tools, inspiration and community needed to turn imagination into reality.

The Creative Circle is a membership for anyone interested in sewing with natural materials, wether for their children, grandchildren, friends, or simply to nourish their creative spirit.

Working with our hands brings a deep sense of accomplishment, joy and peace, while we are diving into a dreamy reality filled with wonders.

What will you have access to?
Every month, there is a Seasonal theme, which includes (all related to the theme):

  • A new audio about the meanings behind my creative work
  • A new Hand Sewn Felt video tutorial & pattern (animals, plants...)
  • A new Waldorf inspired doll video tutorial & pattern
  • The Creative Library : 35+ sewing projects.

Members of the "Hand sewn felt creations" tier will receive 1 new video tutorial a month (+ previous tutorials). Members of the "Waldorf inspired doll making" tier will receive 2 new video tutorials a month (+ previous tutorials).

All the projects are accessible to anyone wishing to experience the wonderful art of doll making and natural toys, even beginners!
I would be honored to take you along with me on this creative journey, on Patreon!


  • "I've been hanging out with the Creative Circle for a bit now, and honestly, it's been amazing. Vanessa’s tutorials are like these little bursts of inspiration and you’re always excited about what’s coming next month!

    There's a bit of everything, so no matter if you're just starting or you're already deep into doll making, there's always something new to try, with a plus that Vanessa will always reply if you have any questions.

    Making dolls with my own hands has been super rewarding. It's like a little escape that lets me relax and feel proud of what I've made, even if it's not perfect.

    The Creative Circle is definitely my happy place! It has got me embracing my creative side more than ever and it challenged me to learn new skills." ANNA

  • "I stumbled upon Vanessa’s work and instantly fell in love — that’s where I learned of Lilalune’s Patreon creative circle.
    Initially, I was so intimidated when it came to making dolls, but I decided to attempt to do it too. Her videos are step by step with soothing music. This is a big thing for me because before Vanessa’s videos, I barely picked up a needle and am not artsy in the slightest.

    Since then, I’ve made a few dolls and found my own personal style. It’s been so fun to watch, learn and grow in my own doll making journey and it wouldn’t have been possible without this Patreon.

    All that to say, I cannot recommend Vanessa's creative circle enough! She is always so kind and accommodating to my questions and requests as well." MARTA

The Creative Circle library

Join us and access these 35+ doll making and doll clothes video tutorials